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Since the introduction of the Dungeon Family, Atlanta, Georgia has earned a reputation for diverse levels of excellence in Hip-Hop music. With everything from Trap & Snap to Soul & Gangsta being birthed and bred in the peach state, aspiring artists have big shoes to fill. But if 19yr old TraMarcus “MadMarcc” Johnson’s music is any indication of his potential, the marathon is just getting started.

Recording his first song in the bedroom of an old friend’s house in 2017, Marcc literally began as a student looking to become a master. Starting my career in high school was fun” he remembers. “Like an open area for creativity and criticism.” School may be one thing but on the streets, critics can become haters in the blink of an eye. His single “Campbellton” originated from a real-life drama after a few individuals attempted to ban/exile him from Campbellton Road. But with six siblings proud of their brothers’ journey, along with his M.A.D. Guyz family to represent with? Long story short, the plan to ban didn’t work. “Don’t be mistaken, my mama raised me but seeing that the streets made me, the streets are a part of me,” Marcc admits.

Graduating to the voice of the streets this past year and a representative for his hood, Marcc’s concentration is more on success in the business than on surviving beef on the block. Surrounded by supporters and fans all motivating him to keep it moving, the young man from Atlanta is on a fast track to the top. And the plan is to live up to that rich ATL tradition and be in the books, not just as some street kingpin, but as one of the best. When it comes to his future, its goals over gold all day. “One thing that I want the people to know… that the music doesn’t say, is that I’m not just a rapper trying to get rich,” he confesses. “I’m an artist trying to make greater art. The music tells you that I constantly have fails, wins, happiness, anger… and I’ll use the music to tell people everything about me.”

Check out the video to his single, “Ducati” below on YouTube. His debut project, Not Playin’ is out now on Apple Music.


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