MacFour Capture Hearts In “My Mysterious Love”


On July 9th at the Atlanta Summer Fest, R&B sensation MacFour will be performing “My Mysterious Love” and other hits from their debut album ‘Mystery.’ The album is also set to drop on July 9th everywhere music is sold. KJ, KOOL, DANCER, and DUCK are headlining in the press as the next New Edition or Jackson Five. Immediately upon pressing play on “My Mysterious Love” audiences will grip onto the comparison.

In the single, MacFour brings listeners back to the core of R&B, a time when love was professed unapologetically. They have a message for a mysterious love which is enticed by their vocals and melodic harmonies. One thing is for certain, the message is sure to manifest the joining of two hearts and souls. Stream “My Mysterious Love” and connect with MacFour below.

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