Luminess Beats – “Prayer” Drill Type Beat

Producer Luminess Beats
Producer Luminess Beats

Luminess Beats, also known as Iz Dat Luminess, has been honing his production skills for over 7 years and was established in 2015. With Los Angeles being his home for the majority of life and a few years in New York embedded within him, Luminess Beats is well versed in hip hop, boom bap, drill & trap beats exhibiting a hard-hitting kick and crystal clear snare. When asked to explain music he explains it to be his language; something which he sees himself dominating inside the industry in 5 years time with Dr. Dre & Scott Storch as his mentors. His creativity is boundless and growing.

Luminess Beats is still going strong, demonstrating his success in the music business. He’s not trying to gain fame or fortune – what he really seeks is respect and a lasting legacy to inspire future generations. Luminess drives forward with determination, and has the skills to make it in the industry. He’s currently busy on several new projects which he plans to show his fans soon, and as usual, he will be sure to give credit where it is due – something that sets him apart from most producers today.

Luminess Beats has begun his producer career by networking with people on a range of social sites, and he is making waves in the industry by being featured nationally. From magazines to news outlets, he is taking over day by day and it appears effortless. On his way to success, Luminess Beats will never look back; make sure to follow him on all social media platforms in order not to miss any new beats or releases – he’s on a mission to be the top producer!


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