Lil’ T – “Not The Average Kid”


In his own words, 16 year old Lil’ T describes his brand new EP…

It’s basically about my life. It’s about me being 16 years old and living a crazy life for my age. So when making my tape and thinkin’ of the title I listened to all the songs very closely over and over again and the stuff I rap about in the songs. I talk about being from the suburbs and how I differentiate myself from the rest of the people doing this. I talk about growing up in the suburbs being a kid n partying, trappin’, gettin’ money, getting arrested, going to school and livin’ a crazy life. I talk about living a life most kids my age do not. I talk about being ahead of the game. I know where I’m from I rep the suburbs I’ll rep that shit forever. I hate when people are fake and act like something they not, and act like they grew up around something different then they did. Everyone’s got there own struggle and story and I got mine. I’m just tryna come up and do big things and work with big names. I’m doin’ this shit for my people and my family especially, my mom. I refuse to be average I live my life to the fullest extent I possibly can so I titled it not the average kid cause I ain’t like anyone else I’ve seen before n that’s a fendii.

Check it out below and follow him on twitter!

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