Las Vegas, Nevada Rap Duo 1030 Drops New Video “MAGA” @02JayMoney, @DeeDaDemon


1030 (02JayMoney,Dee DaDemon) is a rap duo from the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. The teenage rap duo are 2 of 50 members of the 1030 Block projects in Henderson, Nevada right outside of the Las Vegas area. 02JayMoney and Dee Da Demon are both very socially conscious and both have been fed up with the injustices and killing of unarmed African Americans ignited by the racist Trump presidency.

“We really just got tired of seeing our people get killed on some bullshit and the pigs walk away free. We wanted to make some noise and be heard and stand up for our innocent fallen brothers and sisters. F MAGA, F them pigs, F Trump, F white supremacy and F them bitch ass Proud Boys” (Dee Da Demon). 02JayMoney sated, “They aint going to hear us until we return fire and trade a life for a life. 1030 is locked and loaded and support BLM and Antifa cuz they stand against them racist pigs”. “This video is true art, not because of the comic book look, but because it makes you feel something. It shows perspective” (Videographer ETU).



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