Katdaddy Marshall and Underground Talk Radio Live From The 5th Annual Georgia Music Awards


The 5th Anniversary of the Georgia music awards was a fantastic event. Omar McCallop, the director of the Georgia music awards, put a great show together. All Georgia entertainers pour into the Historical Music City of Macon, Ga to celebrate. Christopher Martin AKA The ATL Fashion Plate was one the best host we have seen at an awards show. The Georgia music awards had everything a Prince tribute done by Christopher Martin. Performances by Hip Hop artists, R&B artists, Rock artists, Country artists, and a whole lot more. Teresa Britton, who is one of the best actresses in the game, presented the hip hop awards she had the people hype you had to be there to see it. Check out more at the Georgia music awards homepage for all the highlights and winners. http://awardshownow.com/gamusicawards/. Link with them on all social media at the GA Music Awards. Check out Katdaddy on Underground Talk Radio’s live show from the awards.

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