Kansas Native Krush Delivers “Shut Up!” (Single & Interview)


Krush It Entertainment and Team Mashn Entertainment along with Kansas sensation Krush release his new hit single “Shut Up!.” The infectious, invigorating banger is produced by multi-platinum producer Clizark and is sure to have audiences echoing the hook in unison. Before pressing play on this heated anthem dedicated to non-believers and haters, check out the interview below with Krush.

MJ: Before we jump right into one of 2022’s hottest tracks, introduce yourself to those who might not be familiar with KRUSH

Krush: I am Krush from Wichita Kansas, a Hip Hop/Pop artist, voice actor, and songwriter.  I want to inspire people with a new style of Hip Hop by creating this mixed genre of music. My ambition is to become a positive influence in the universe of music.

MJ: Share a bit of your background which included many challenges. How did you go from group homes, homelessness, to becoming a successful Hip Hop artist?

Krush: Praying positivity, having faith, and knowing that there was more for my future. Living in poverty growing up in the inner city is what I lived. I knew I had a talent for music. I would set my goal to make a better life for myself. I worked hard, made sacrifices, and exerted a lot of discipline. I had to invest in myself to move on from that past life of couch surfing and being homeless. I had it in me to be an entertainer. I always knew I wanted to be doing something in music so I put that talent to expressing myself over instrumentals and discovered my will to want to be an artist. 

MJ: What is the Hip Hop scene like in Kansas? 

Krush: It’s a very strong influence on how we live. From our clothing, to how we speak, dance, and stay motivated! The indie scene is full of talented artists who support one another in our community. The love for Hip Hop in Kansas is extremely amazing! 

MJ: Let’s dive into your new single “Shut Up!” which has listeners and fans worldwide echoing the hook in unison.

Krush: Shut Up is brave and bold and exudes confidence. We wanted to create something that everyone can relate to. It has a unique style that clashes genres. 

MJ: What was it like working alongside multi-platinum producer Clizark? Give us an inside peek into how “Shut Up!” was created.

Krush: Working with Clizark has been phenomenal, he’s a great mentor who helps me with understanding everything about the music business. Creating Shut Up was so fun and exciting knowing that we would combine our talent to produce this project was an incredible feeling.

MJ: Has the single met your expectations?

Krush: Shut Up has surpassed my expectations I knew the song was going to be an amazing single, but it turned out to be an anthem. I believe this single is going to be one of the great ones of history in the music industry.

MJ: What’s on the horizon for KRUSH? Can you briefly talk about upcoming endeavors?

Krush: Tours, shows, opening for major artists, and of course more music. I’m working on an album and creating more opportunities to thrive in the music industry.  

MJ: Is there anything else you would like to share with the world of Hip Hop? 

Krush: I’m coming in hot with so much more to come. I’m taking my talents to the extreme in the music industry, so I hope the world is ready for KRUSH and my new genre of music!


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