Jeff Kush – Aeonian (LP)


All 2021, rising Philadelphia recording artist Jeff Kush has been relentless with the rhymes. Entering the fourth quarter, he drops the anticipated album Aeonian.

The new project follows his much-talked 2020 sophomore album High Grade, which made him one of the year’s artists-to-watch and the album a must-hear.

Aeonian’s arrival was prepared with a slew of new releases from the lyricist, like “Solid,” “Vampire Slayer” and “Risk It All” that built anticipation with clever play on words, combinations verses ending with knockout punchlines and oozed confidence. The new album delivers all-new music, a rarety approach by today’s artists, as Kush intrigues us with stories of hardship, staying the course, overcoming all obstacles and enjoying the fruits of his labor. “Aeonian is filled with timeless vibes great production with unique flows and catchy bars with substance that’s relatable for most people,” Kush said of the new album in a press release. “I made this album to reflect on who I grew into while going through the broke everyday bullshit so my fans can learn more about me.”

On the ‘Gram, Kush told fans Aeonian, which shows the new artists as a silhouette behind a golden rose, is timeless. “This album is filled with timeless vibes and my life etc. If you don’t know the word look that shit up and learn something today. I will forever continue making music bc that’s what I love to do when I’m not in business mode. I make lots of diff vibes but this Album contains 100% of my experiences & perspectives on real-life shit we all go through. Lastly a big thank you to anyone who truly supports me and all the time I put in with this music shit.”

This album is a must-hear for any fan of rhymeslaying lyricism. The 14-track album is accompanied by collaborations from talented stars Merrick Anthony, Jamba and Vante. The project’s notable mentions are “Probably Not,” “Handouts” and the finale-cut “Mom.” Aeonian is the perfect origin point for any newfound fan. After the stream, continue to follow Jeff Kush daily on social media.

Check out the full album, Aeonian, by Jeff Kush below, courtesy Spotify.


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