Jeff Adams Returns With New Album, ‘Therapy’


Canadian rapper/songwriter Jeff Adams returns to the scene with a brand-new album titled ‘Therapy.’ After tragedy struck in his personal life, Adams stepped back to focus on his wife, father, and new baby. Overcoming loss and celebrating life, he’s now eager to apply pressure for an industry takeover.

‘Therapy’, a 34-track album with no features serves as an unyielding personal journey that embodies Adam’s ups and downs. He shares about relationships, family, loss, and even highlights his skating career, what it means to be a son of Hip Hop, and addresses naysayers who discredit his career.

Each track hits hard and is unlike any other track…Listeners get 34 records with diverse tones, melodies, content, style, flow, and deliverance; that’s over an hour of classic Hip Hop intertwined with new-age Hip Hop.

Hip Hop Son is sure to resonate with classic Hip Hop enthusiasts without sounding dated. Adams shares his personal story of being birthed into an era of real Hip Hop over boom-bap cadences.

Through his use of vivid storytelling, captivating lyricism, and infectious wordplay, Adams invites listeners into his past, present, and future. A solo 34-track album, ‘Therapy’ provides just that as well as healing and empowerment. The eclectic arrangement of production ranges from classic vibes and head-nods to striking bass and invigorating energy, to cinematically compelling.

Stream ‘Therapy’ the album and connect with Jeff Adams on Instagram @jeffadamsofficial.


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