Jaye Valentine – “This Night Only”


Recently R&B singer Jaye Valentine released the visual to her track “This Night Only,” which can be found on her album Spectrum.

They say everything is bigger and better in Texas and Jaye Valentine lives up to the hype with her highly energetic and captivating live performances and creative and theatrical videos. Coming from a family with musical roots in Motown, this R&B songstress vocally delivers in the booth and in person.

“It is essentially about a girl who sees what she likes and goes for it. Why not, right? My EP is entitled, Spectrum and I chose that name because I thought it represented how multifaceted I am as an artist,” Jaye Valentine said. “You will also notice that I chose not to include any heartbreak or male-bashing songs on the EP. I am not ignoring that part of life though. I just wasn’t in that space when writing and recording. To be continued..” she said playfully.

While she is currently building her name in Houston, Jaye Valentine got her start making music in La Marque, TX not far from Galveston and some of Texas’ most popular beaches.

“I’ve been pursuing music professionally since 13 and have been singing longer than that. I started off in girl groups and learned a lot during that time. That definitely shaped me as a solo artist and made me stronger. I learned about hard work and team work during those years,” Jay Valentine explained.

Refusing to sell her body and keeping the focus on music, Jay Valentine prides herself in keeping her integrity while still being sensual.

“I approach the game with all I have but without compromising my integrity. I don’t strip or sell drugs; although I don’t knock those who do. I fund my own project in a legitimate way. It takes longer and is challenging but integrity for myself and people I am around is very important to me.”

Inspired by the greats like Whitney and Aretha while still keeping up with contemporary artists like H.E.R., Jay Valentine has something for all R&B fans.

“I am a mix of things, I listen to and am inspired by Hip-Hop and Country – I am from the country, hello?!?,” Jaye said laughing. “I like Rock (Aerosmith is my absolute fave), Gospel because I grew up in the church), Classical because I was trained in piano for 10 years the list goes on and on. I am simply a lover of the art of music and pull inspiration from all those areas. I hope to bring a fresh take on R&B by interjecting a few different things, open people’s minds up a little yet still remain true to this underrepresented genre.”

“I acknowledge the ups and downs, of love, it is all part of the Spectrum. A rainbow is simply a Spectrum of color and represents hope after a storm and I feel that the EP has an empowering and hopeful vibe it; and that was intentional,” Jaye Valentine concluded.


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