Jay Moon Is In It To Win It In His Latest “NDA”


Lynn, Mass emcee, Jay Moon, is not simply an up-and-coming music artist. As the guiding force of a 10-man music collective, KMF Lynn, he is also a budding music mogul. In his first visual of 2021, Jay makes it clear that when it comes to business, he would rather be hard to work with, than easy to play with. From his opening line, “Want to f*ck with me you got to sign this non-disclosure”, he makes that narrative clear and the stunning Los Angeles location he moves in, hammers the message home. Jay Moon is in it, to win it!

KMF stands for Keep Moving Forward, a mantra the entire team live by. While they each have a very clear individual identity, there is no room for an ‘every man for himself’ ethos here. They motivate one another. Support one another. Compliment one another. All for one, and one for all.

Regulars at Quad Studios NYC, these guys have some big moves in the pipeline, this year – with Jay Moon at the helm. I’d tell you what those moves are, but I’m gonna need that “NDA!”



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