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Jai Fears steps out of the background and into the spotlight with new EP ‘Gemini’ 

DETROIT, MI – Geminis sometimes get a bad rap. They have a reputation for being liars, cheats and thieves, or at the very least having yin-and-yang personalities that are often untrustworthy. But Jai Fears is here to put those suspicions to rest with her new EP “Gemini.”  

Over the course of seven songs, Fears unpacks the deeper truths of what it truly means to be a Gemini with vibes and lyrics that are equal parts upbeat and introspective. As a professional in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades, Fears showcases an adept skill at making high quality music and displays a beautiful voice that demands to be heard.  

“We always get dogged out when we tell people we’re Geminis,” Fears said. “It’s one of the more looked-down-upon signs. But let’s be proud of who we are. If they want to look down on us, that’s their problem. We’re gonna stand tall with our crazy selves and all.” 

Fears raises that anthem across the entire EP, but most specifically with the title track “Gemini.” It was the second song she wrote after the initial single “Me and My Girlfriend,” and she said with so much time on her hands during the global pandemic, she was given the blessing in disguise to focus on and finish the entire project. Usually, she would be touring as a dancer and background performer for Charlie Wilson, with whom she’s been touring for 15 years. But she’s no knock-off. As a singer, Fears has her own take on what it means to live well and enjoy life. She said the forced break has given her the opportunity to bring those skills to the recording studio and finalize a project that she’s been working on for years. 

“I finally had time during the pandemic to focus on myself and get it done,” she said. “I’ve always been dancing behind someone and doing other jobs, and I never had time to perfect my own music and finish it and put all those touches on it that make it right. So this has been a crazy blessing in disguise. It’s been a long time coming because I’ve been working on it for quite some time. And being my first project, it’s a way for people to get to know me. The whole theme of the EP is based off me being a Gemini and having two personalities in real life. There’s the plain me – the everyday, no-makeup, sweat-clothes-wearing me – and then there’s the Jai Fears side.” 

Fears said she hopes fans will like her music because she brings a new vibe to Pop, R&B and Soul. She said her style is to take a cue from old-school music and fuse it with sounds from today for a truly original offering to global music scene.  

“Energetic with a nice pop of old-school style is me in a nutshell,” she said. “At the end of the day, I hope that my music is known for being different than anything else I’m surrounded by, music-wise. I hope my brand and music is known for making a difference and helping people. That’s what my whole #MembersOnly brand is all about. I’m building a lifestyle of people respecting one another whether they agree with their life choices or not, uplifting one another with positive and good vibes. And lastly, inspiring people to reach goals and follow their dreams and aspirations. Music is one of the strongest if not the strongest force we have on earth. I’m doing my part of making it a positive one.”   

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