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New video for single ‘Been Thinking’ from R&B artist 
J-Vic shows off sexy smooth velvet vocals 

CHARLESTON, SC – One of the smoothest songs of the summer is the R&B smash hit “Been Thinking” from East Coast artist J-Vic. The sexy single shows off his velvet vocals underneath his signature sound that bring melody back to R&B in a way that perfectly encapsulates that signature sound that he calls “feel good music.” 

That phrase is one that defines the style and message of this artist who was born in Long Island, New York but moved to South Carolina with his brother and father at age 14. Music has always been a natural gift for this young artist, but he further enhanced his sound by studying at the Institute of Audio Research in New York, as well as apprenticing with well-known producers in Atlanta and around the world. Through that work, he created the production and artist management company G6 Entertainment Group LLC, through which he continues to write and produce for other independent artists. 

“Been Thinking” is one of the latest singles from that label and the new music video for it was recently released on his YouTube channel. It’s a song that nods to the vibes of legends such as Chris Brown and Usher, while also showcasing J-Vic’s own unique style. 

“I’m trying to bring more singing back to R&B and bring more melody and emotion back to it,” he said. “This song is about thinking about a girl that you’re going to start smashing with and the build up to that. I’d say it’s edgy but not lovey-dovey.” 

“Been Thinking” is the first single from the album “J-Vic” which is also currently available across all streaming platforms. It’s a project that he said shows off different elements of his personality and different sides of his vocal ability and musical talent. He said every album he creates will be an intentional effort to show fans the different sides of his persona. 

“One person isn’t ever into just one thing,” he said. “I want my music to help people get to know me and what I’m about – my different styles and approaches and vibes that I like to create. I’m an observer and I write off what I observe and experience. I could watch an episode of The Simpsons and write a song based off a situation that Marge and Homer find themselves in, or I could have a personal experience with a relationship and write about that. But no matter what it is, my music will show different elements and sides of me. At the end of the day though, I know my music will be known for blending that Trap element with the heavy 808s to create a feel of the 90s R&B. Basically, my music is going to repopulate the earth because I’m making a lot of baby-making music.” 

 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gI-Tn_J43U]

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