J. Fitts Mixes The Trenches With Soul In New Single “Love Me”


Rising DMV native J. Fitts had a unique R&T movement that making waves on the east coast with it’s pure authentic-ness that meshes well with his that procures heartfelt music that can be classified as soul music or a club banger. He’s one of one and his latest, “Love Me,” personifies those exact statements where the pure meaning of the song can be taken into multiple ways.

One, he knows he’s flawed and doesn’t mind that because he is grinding daily for his. Two, he loves himself so much that he doesn’t accept any bullsh*t which can be taken as gangster but his singing makes it known that he is human. Three, Fitts wants the image of your typical singer to be turned upside down because his look would usually tell otherwise and it’s a sense of appreciation from us seeing that.

J. Fitts is a raw artist who deserves more love and “Love Me” is a great add to your daily mix which is on all platforms.


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