Izzy Strange Ft Open Mike Eagle – “Rappers Say The Darnedest Things”


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Izzy Strange of Beasley’s Corner Bodega fame unleashes his latest single, “Rappers Say The Darnedest Things”. The song features a superb verse from Chicago artist Open Mike Eagle and follows up last month’s “Fall Back” single. Eagle and Izzy combine forces to deliver some good old fashioned Hip Hop for your ears. Over a dream like instrumental, Izzy opens the song up with a quick twist of words. Lyrics like “They’re ain’t no money in the jukebox /Juke move, knock’em out their tube socks / Duke Nuke / just a fluke, the beat knocks” shows Izzy’s double rhyme delivery approach is as strong as ever.

Mike then grabs the baton and continues the pace with a strong, head nodding verse that sets up the chorus. Izzy then delivers a powerful melody with a slurred pitch. Izzy then embarks on a Jon Dillinger influenced plan to survive in a world where dreams are short lived. Strange and Eagle make a great combination and with the production of Netherfriends, “Rappers Say The Darnedest Things” will surely find it’s way onto your playlist. Listen to the catchy single below.

Rappers Say The Darnedest Things ft Open Mike Eagle by Izzy Strange


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