Irene The Dream – “By The Way” @Irene_The_Dream


Recently female rapper Irene the Dream released the music video to her song, “By the Way.”

Adorning gold and diamond body jewelry, Irene the Dream literally shines in this visual set with burning candles, a dancing pole and an erotic bathtub scene. But don’t let the looks fool you, Irene the Dream is preaching to her fellow independent women looking to make an indelible mark on the world.

“I’m giving women game because I was doing this way before Instagram. If anything I’m giving women some intelligence on how you need to handle these men. If ya man ain’t no help you need to trade him – you only eat what you bring to the table,” Irene the Dream said.

“In the entertainment industry there are ups and downs, but regardless of my circumstances, I’ve learned you have to continue to pursue your dreams. From shady managers and promoters to losing money on investments, I’ve seen it all, having invested hundreds of thousands into my career just pursuing my dreams of success,” Irene the Dream said.

Not to be deterred by a relationship gone wrong, industry mishaps and failed investments, Irene the Dream bosses up with “By the Way” letting all her fans, followers and haters know she’s got something more to say before its all said and done.

“This new track is also for all the people trying to compete with me in this new era on IG. I been doing this and so for all the people out there hating, I got something for ya,” Irene said.

Driving traffic to her music and videos via IG, Irene regularly interacts with fans offering advice and showing that there are brains to match her looks.

“I want to keep getting better and better at what I do and I know that this song is the total package and I’m ready to do this. I’m ready. I’m like a self-help rapper giving relationship advice and I’m enlightening men as well letting them know that this is what they need to be doing to keep their lady. Self respect, morals and having some business aspects about yourself. To the women, a man can be taking care of you but dogging you at the same time, so I teach people it’s best for both parties to have their money together. They are together because they want to be not because they have to be,” Irene the Dream said.

Going forward into the Fall, Irene the Dream is continuing to film new visuals and behind the scenes footage. Her new music is accompanied by appearances on reality TV and a movie that she has recently begun filming.

Adding to her entertainment endeavors, Irene the Dream is also launched her own clothing line several years ago with Picture Perfect Styles. You can find out more info above.


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