@IAmTruVez Ft. @IAmAkevius – “Amerika’s Nightmare”


In 4 days the fate of America will be determined by one of the most important elections since President Obama took office 8 years ago. We will either have some sense of normalcy with Clinton in office, or “Amerika’s Nightmare” if Trump wins. It’s a critical time and now more than ever the people need to not only vote, but pay attention to world that we live in as it can easily turn into a nightmare. This is exactly what TruVez gives the people in his new track “Amerika’s Nightmare”. On this gritty track, Tru speaks to the craziness of this current campaign, the constant injustices to people of color, and what would happen if people make the wrong choice. It’s a serious situation and people need to stay woke! Checkout Tru’s new track “Amerika’s Nightmare” after the jump and make sure you vote on November 8th!


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