Hugh Lee – “Homecoming Pack”


Hugh Lee, a 2-time Emmy nominated recording artist, is ready to make his mark on today’s music with the release of his new single, titled, “Homecoming Pack.” A follow-up to his 2020 success, Lee’s new songs are a stylistic, catchy and groovy ensemble that tells one of the many stories from the Chicago native’s background. Stream it now via Libras Never Lie inc.

A two-pack collection that includes songs “Chairman (Freestyle)” and “Sawbuck II.” Homecoming Pack is the perfect appetizer for newfound fans for a soon-to-be delicious full-length. After the listen, you will be drawn to Hugh Lee, socially, immediately which will lead them to Instagram.

Homecoming Pack follows Lee’s 2020 mixtape called Cabrini. The project spawned new Hugh Lee hits “Swimfan” and “Factitious.” The new collection prepares fans for a forthcoming album, set to arrive in 2021. Outside of music, Hugh is heavily involved with charities through his own foundation, Libras Never Lie, as well as with other foundations that help support Autism Awareness. Hugh takes a special interest in working with teens and adults who are struggling with their own demons. “No matter who you are, there are people like you in the world, and you have to reach out and make sure they have a voice as well.”

Check out Hugh Lee’s new songs, below.


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