Hip-Hop’s Krishi All Set to Drop First Major EP


Rising 18-year old hip-hop and R&B artist Krishi is effortlessly making a name for himself in the music industry. He’s prepared to release his first major EP, ‘Through The Fire And Flames’, later this November and could not be more thrilled to be sharing what he loves to do most with the world. 

Krishi is an independent artist and writes everything himself, but has been greatly inspired by other mainstream artists like J. Cole, NAV, and JID. He currently has three singles out but is definitely best-known for “Dark Love”, which was released earlier in 2021 and has impressively surpassed one million streams throughout all platforms. 

His previous music has reflected a lot on his past experiences, but Krishi says his newest EP will have more of a ‘cultural’ and ‘moral’ impact on audiences. He wants to get people thinking about different lifestyles and especially hopes to inspire other artists to express themselves creatively and pursue their dreams. 

‘Through The Fire And Flames’ will represent Krishi’s powerful and emotional love for music and will, according to him, be some of “the best to come.” ‘Through The Fire And Flames’ EP will be available mid-November on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. Go check him out!


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