Hip Hop Artist/CEO of A.A.G Records Delivers Impactful Single “Apostle”


Multitalented Hip Hop artist & CEO of A.A.G. Records, JLC releases a new impactful single about his life titled “Apostle.” In the single, JLC delivers potent lyricism about his journey and experiences in life. Fans will hear a new side of JLC as he puts his signature style and flow to the side to ensure his new narrative is heard, embraced, and shared. “Apostle” invites listeners into JLC’s new transition.

“With this single, I am transitioning from regular Hip Hop to a more positive type of Hip Hop music answering my call to God. This track is based off of a true story of events in my life.” – JLC.

“Apostle” is out now on all streaming platforms.

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