Gyasi Ross Shares The True Meaning Of Columbus Day With “Petaki” | @BigIndianGyasi


Lawyer, activist, poet and current co-host of the Breakdances With Wolves podcast, Gyasi Ross, who is a member of the both the Blackfeet and Suquamish Nations, has recently released a song and visuals through the good folks at WatchLOUD called “Petaki,” which is about a bright Native American girl who struggles with the one-sided perspective of American History taught in schools, specifically in regards to Christopher Columbus.

“This song is about Native people being masterful storytellers–retelling stories the right way,” says Ross. “It is about the constant assaults that Native self-esteem goes through while simply trying to attain an education in the name of history.”

The poem features fellow indigenous vocalist Calina Lawrence and graphic visuals designed by Jonathan Thunder.

You can tune into the Breakdances With Wolves Podcast with Gyasi & Wesley every Thursday on iTunes.


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