Goalden Chyld Unites The Masses With New Album, ‘War Cry’


Emerging artist Goladen Chyld is set to go global with his new album, War Cry.

The new star spreads peace, love, and unity with informative lyrics, crafty rhymes, summoning productions, and vibrant song structure. The debut album encapsulates the illustrious history of Chicago Hip-Hop, which is drenched in the windy city’s historic activism and unity.

The album, its anthems, message, and authenticity are the perfect starting points for newfound fans of the rising star. Tracks like “Righteous Stepper,” “Savior,” and “Gifted” showcase the artist’s progressive music that advocates for equality. War Cry peaked at #3 on Apple Music and cemented Goalden Chyld’s movement.

“I don’t believe you can listen to this album and not feel some sense of purpose and duty to your community,” he told The Final Call.

He added: “I haven’t received a single negative review. The response has been overwhelmingly positive across all age groups. I’ve received messages from nonprofits showing children engaging with the music, which shows its impact. It’s amazing to see a project resonate so deeply across different segments of our community, reinforcing the need for unity and positive change.”

Chyld, real name Qadir Hakim, was raised by a single mother on the rough side of Chicago. His musical abilities transcend barriers for a wider audience with the storytelling of struggles and progress. His resume is filled with endorsements from big names in hip-hop, ranging from Shaquille O’Neal to Lil Baby to Funk Flex.

War Cry quickly gained popularity on streaming platforms and social media, becoming a highly discussed new artist of 2024. The album arrives at the perfect time, especially considering the current social climate.

Goalden Chyld supports the new album with a series of album release events, including an upcoming unity concert in Chicago on May 25 and a five-borough community tour event at SOBs in New York City on May 30.

Stream the new album here and, afterward, follow the rising star on social media for more updates.


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