Get Acquainted With New York Based Jeweler “Gold Drip Jewelry”


Gold Drip is the fastest growing jewelry brand in the United States. They have worked with many celebrities including Omega el Fuerte, Mambo Star from Dominican Republic, Nino Gully, Brazil21 and more. Only one year after its launch, GoldDrip has 5 different locations and 70,000 followers on Instagram.

Sources say that the craziest piece they have ever made was an 8 inch 400 gram Jesus face pendant.

Gold Drip offers a modern way to buy genuine 14k gold jewelry at an affordable price with 7 different financing options and is approved by everyone. You can easily shop online at or download the GoldDripJewelry app.

Gold Drip has 5 different locations in NY and PA. Their main location is at the heart of the Diamond District in Manhattan NYC.


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