From NYU Student to NYC’s Top DJ: The Musical Evolution of Herbert Holler


Herbert Holler’s extraordinary journey from an NYU student to a renowned DJ started in the musically vibrant neighborhood of Greenwich Village. It was here that Holler was introduced to a variety of music genres and legendary nightlife activities.

His experience at the influential Giant Step event ignited a passion within him and instigated his decision to become a DJ, fully immersing himself in the dynamic nightlife scene. Fast-forward to 2023, and DJ Herbert Holler has established himself as a household name in New York City, largely due to his popular monthly Freedom Party.

This year marks a dual celebration, with the Freedom Party turning 20 and hip-hop culture hitting its 50-year milestone. Over the years, the stage of the Freedom Party has been set on fire by performances from hip-hop’s biggest luminaries, all showcasing their talent alongside DJ Herbert Holler. Check it out below:

Milk Dee

Chubb Rock

CL Smooth


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