Fo Dred – “This Time” | @fo_dred


Baltimore, Maryland artist FO Dred debut mixtape (4&NE) dropped a few months ago. Working his project from campus to campus has made it possible to really garner the attention of a few industry executives and a slew of college fans. He is currently making a real impact with his latest single “This Time”.

This summer he will be putting his show to the test as he will be traveling state to state doing some of the top hip-hop festivals and shows. Make sure you follow his IG @Fo_Dred to stay updated on what town he will be traveling to.

“I’m trying to make a splash in the rap game by creating more thought-provoking music.” Fo Dred says. “All my music has positive messages underneath all the aggression. I’m out to prove that I can rap with the best of them and breathe some new life into the rap game.”


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