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With protests, marches, boycotts, and brutality dominating the airwaves and news cycle, the entire world is in turmoil. Oddly enough, today’s societal struggles only mirror the history of Augusta Georgia, home to some of the original civil rights movements. The racial tension, the violence, the marches, all in the name of freedom, the city of Augusta was truly ahead of its time. It’s no coincidence that the same is being said about the music and movement of native son, Floyd In The Sky. While his brand of Esoteric Rap is making waves in every direction, for him? This is just another day in the life of the journey. “I want to make the music as me as possible. This is me at my core,” he says with a smile. “I’m really magical at my core.”

That magic is on full display in his newest project, CloudLike Vehicle. An upbeat breath of fresh air, complied of real life stories of love, loss, and lessons. “Air Is my interpretation of the spirit, in the sense of how it can move from body to body interacting with the world in different forms,” Floyd says explaining the title of the project. “I feel like that’s what my music will do on this project. The listener is free to go where they want with each song.”

The youngest and only son of a military family, including a dad, a birth mom, a step-mom, two biological sisters, and two stepsisters, the Baltimore born artist moved from place to place and managed to live a border-free life, that shows in his border-free music.

“My content comes filled with the splendor of nature, spirituality, and magic wrapped in the fabric of the coolest things,” Floyd says of his content. “I will use the same breath to acknowledge the movement of the stars in the sky and chakras in the human body as I would to speak on the most fashionable clothes and cars I could desire. And I believe in there is a nice balance of a message that says it’s awesome to understand the higher parts of consciousness yet acknowledging the man-made society we experience every day too.”

Citing artists like Kendrick Lamar, EarthGang & Tyler The Creator as fellow kindred spirits, Floyd seeks identifies with intellectuals, poets & visionaries that can convey emotion through words in a way that lets the listener see what they’re saying as well as feeling it. But will the average fan grasp deeper concepts and heavier feelings wrapped in melodies and rhymes?

“That’s not my concern, I make music for the people who do get it,” Floyd says bluntly. “People are evolving, so it’s my belief that now is the moment my message was supposed to happen.” He continues, growing more excited by the minute. “We’re right on the cusp of this new era that everyone is starting to feel and pay attention to. My message will cause positive excitement.”

Let the games begin. Check out the single, “Say That” below.


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