Flee – “Grimey”


Queens, New York artist Flee jumps into R&B mode and puts all females on notice in his latest single & video, “Grimey”. Linking with Texas producer Wiardon, he preaches the exact reasons why you can’t be his girl in the smoothest way possible.

The song’s chorus tells the tale with Flee stating, “Grimey, you did me grimey, Gucci snake cap, you slimy”, which leads us further down a story of deceit, gold-digging, and social media mishaps, giving him all the more reason to make the track. The GhostGang representative also makes it clear where he’s from with NYC lingo like, “I can’t cuff you, you treesh. I don’t love you, capeesh!”, then caps things off with what’s sure to be the infamous moment of the track by saying, “I just did that swaggy, I feel like Diddy!”.

Consider this an anthem for everyone that’s been done dirty in the past and if you haven’t, take this as a lesson to keep away from the “Grimey” ones.


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