Flatline puts his city on his back with new EP “Signal Found”.


Baltimore Maryland has bread some of the dopest independent artists amongst the roughest areas of the city. To add on to the list of bar droppers comes a artist named Flatline who main focus is going Bar for Bar on every beat.

Understanding the elements of street life, he effortlessly paints a picture of his experiences while letting everyone know he is coming for everything on the table. Signal Found is a EP with 6 tracks where we start off with an Intro that sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

When you think EP you think, limited number of songs, but why give you everything all in one project when he can keep you coming back as you hunger for more. Flatline is one of 4 artists within Da Blood Brotherz Music Group that’s been applying pressure in the industry.

To know the struggle is to understand the process and to know the process is to truly enjoy the success waiting for you at the top of the ladder. Hard work and dedication are Flatline’s goal and “Signal Found” is the only the tip of what’s coming from this artist.


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