FG Famous – Wea Was U


After flooding the streets with his new 10-track mixtape Head Young’n In Charge, Zero To Sixty’s FG Famous is back with another visual of the aforementioned project. For his latest effort, FG Famous unveils the official music video for “Wea Was U” — an unwavering single that finds the Louisiana rhymer detailing what it was like to grow up having to fend for himself and make it on his own. With raw, unadulterated lyrics, FG’s words paint a vivid picture that can only be captured by someone that has gone through a tremendous amount of diversity. Although no one was there for him when he was going through, FG Famous has clearly risen to the top and can proudly proclaim that he is self-made. Directed by David G.

Stream Head Young’n In Charge here: http://smarturl.it/uh6yo8


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