Fe_lie The God and 1stPlace deliver new single, Forever Dangerous


Virginia duo & Dublyfe music group label mates Fe_lie The God & 1stPlace come together to bring us “Forever Dangerous” a 4 song EP full of eerie production and hard hitting punchlines, with not many artists and producers settling in to bring us whole projects anymore “forever dangerous” is a refreshing collaborative effort that will leave any trunk shaking! After inking a new deal with Matt Cooks California based label EthikaMusic Fe_lie continues to keep his foot on the gas. When asked how this project came about he went on to say “me and rich (1st place) have a chemistry that goes past the studio, that’s really my dawg in real life so the music is easy to make it just flows for us” as for you 1st place you’re a budding producer who has been putting in more than his fair share of work so to be finally getting the recognition you deserves how does it feel? “crazy to me if I’m being honest I feel like I’m one of the most consistent producers in my city I stayed down and I’m seeing results I gotta thank god” as for the duo when asked what’s next they both agreed “plaques, number 1 records and more, the sky isn’t the limit for us it’s the beginning” “forever dangerous” is streaming exclusively on SoundCloud right now!

Instagram https://instagram.com/fe_lie540https://instagram.com/foreverx1st

Streaming link https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/iJMZwUSk3LFg5pcE7


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