Fe lie the God Uses Music To Heal Himself And Others


For Virginia artist Fe lie the God, making music is about therapy, healing himself & in turn healing others. Coming from a broken home and growing up with depression and anxiety issues has always helped to guide his music. Dealing with his own pain in positive ways has been a major adjustment but a healthy one. His biggest struggles in life usually end up being within. Getting through them is the biggest reward. This album itself came from some of his personal situations recently, losing close people and the depression that sent him into.

“No matter how many people have changed on me it still cuts just as deep every time it happens. So the music ends up becoming my diary and if it ever gets to that point again my suicide note. I always strive to leave it all on the table in the music so if I died tomorrow my daughter could know her father in the realest, rawest, sense.”

Pre order Fe_lie the God January 1st EP release, When the Parties Over now:

Check out the lead video to the upcoming project, “Missed Calls”:

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