Fat Yunginn ft. NoCap – “Go Harder”

Fat Yunginn ft. NoCap -
Fat Yunginn ft. NoCap - "Go Harder"

When you get money in the streets and jealousy takes shape with your rivals, life can become dangerous for anyone. 

Such was the case for Fat Yunginn who faced tragedy when his friend  and team member Den Wayne was murdered in a drive-by after his entourage was followed home after a night out.

In honor of his friend today rapper Fat Yungin delivers his newest video for the song, “Go Harder” ft. NoCap.  Murdered in 2019, “Go Harder” is a song about living out your dreams and aspirations for those in your life that are no longer here in the physical form. 

Hoping to make the song even bigger Fat Yunginn connected with the recently released NoCap who adds a poignant verse to the song. 

“I’ve just been working on putting together the song with No Cap. I linked up with him and we did the music video, flew out to Cali for the song and did the feature and then he came out to Dallas and shot the video,” Fat Yunginn recalled. “We came up with a good concept, I got him to do the song because he can relate to the song and No Cap is good at songs like this, so it was a good song for us to work on together.”

According to Fat Yuginn, he poured his heart out on this track straying away from his typical turn up songs and piecing it together with his team. 

“I ain’t gonna lie, the streets and everything was heavy on my mind when I came up with it. I punched in, I didn’t even write it down. We were just sitting in the studio and my manager was saying it would be a good look for NoCap on there and it worked out because he had a show in the city coming up. So I reached out to him and we were able to get it done. I’m really pouring my heart out there, most of my songs are turnt up and so this was different. This was me just expressing myself and just talking about how I felt losing someone close to me,” Fat Yunginn said. 

Hoping to show his versatility and honor his friend Fat Yunginn knows his friend is looking down on his recent run of success and this big single that will be on his new album.

This is going to let the streets know that I can talk about everything from the streets to flashy stuff, to the ups and downs of life. I’m versatile and got a whole bunch of different topics and things that I can talk about to the fans,” Fat Yunginn recalled.  “I know my friend would be proud of this song and so I just hope that he knows how much we miss him.”  


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