Emilio Rojas on Breaking Point 2, Marginalization, Economic Status, Rochester NY, Mixtapes, & More.


Emilio Rojas is a proud Latino mc that hails from Rochester NY. He is forward thinking, and always pushing the envelope when it comes to the art form and culture of hip hop. He could care less about how many mounds of money, women, guns, cars and jewelry you have. He’s the kind of MC that raps about topics that other rappers are scared to touch. He is always on a quest to uplift his people and delivers an authentic and unapologetic voice for the Latino community. He’s literally got about two decades in the game, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Right now, he has two projects that he released this year. Los iv and the long awaited follow up to his classic 1st installment of breaking point, breaking point 2. So, sit back, relax, catch the vibe and enjoy the ride with a pure uncompromising artist when it comes to his contribution to hip hop.


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