@elijahmiguel – “Let Me Be Great”


Elijah Miguel releases a new music video for his new single “Let Me Be Great”  off of his latest album “Being Myself” out now on Steelohim.

Originally From Ravenswood projects in Queens, Elijah is no stranger to hip-hop or the streets. A mic veteran who has been writing since the age of 8 years old; he masterfully communicates the solution to the epidemic plaguing the hip-hop culture.

He made his rhyming debut in 2003 and has since built his reputation as one of New York’s Elite by consistently dropping stellar featured verses on numerous independent projects collaborating with artists from all over the tristate, midwest and the United Kingdom.

“Let Me Be Great” is more of a mantra than it is song. In a the generation of instant gratification and microwave tv dinner rap; He delivers clever double entendres and metaphors such as “Playing these fake gatekeepers out of pocket, change is key but you’re the furthest thing from a locksmith” showing you why his love for language and assembling wordplay is sightly more advanced than the average rapper. The production delivered by Hason has a melancholy reflective vibe to it. The overall quality of this record is radio ready. The video is a celebration of confidence and determination.

The video, directed by Kinetic, delivers a well shot colorful video with the NYC backdrop playing a constant role, one that he hopes inspires to believe in yourself against all odds.


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