Dyamond Doll ft. Tory Lanez & Legaxy – “Automatic”


Introducing Dyamond Doll, the next big star in music.

Over the past few years, female rappers have begun to dominate and establish their presence in hip-hop. Women introduced a different type of heat and flexed their accomplishments rightfully so. Dyamond Doll is the one to keep an eye on; she was a wholly independent artist who made a name for herself in the cutthroat Miami scene due to her persistence and diligence. Her vigor paid off when she met Dark Boy Records CEO, Joe B., who took her under his wing. Today, the 27-year-old star makes her presence felt on a widespread landscape with a magnetic new song, titled, “Automatic” featuring Tory Lanez and Legaxy. Hailing from Miami, Dyamond Doll delivers a catchy Reggae-meets-Pop infusion that is ready for the dance floors and the airwaves. Between the groove, Dyamond Doll showcases a sexy, fierce and extremely confident persona.

“Automatic” follows Doll’s previous effort, “Dwade” featuring the Miami legend Trina. Both songs appear on Dyamond Doll’s 2020 EP called Dyamond In the Rough. Dyamond Doll labels her new song the first hit of many. She explains: “I am blessed and highly favored to be in a position to work with talent on the level of Tory Lanez and Legaxy. The future looks bright.”

The perfect jump-on point for a newly discovered audience. “Automatic” sets up a bright future for the new artist. An excited Dyamond Doll elaborates, “I can’t wait for the world to hear what I have to say. I’ve had a tough road and now that I found my team in Dark Boys, and Joe B. Collectively, we are about to start a new wave coming out of Miami”

Available on Dark Boys Records. Take a listen to “Automatic” now.


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