Dwight Jae – Took A Knee


A product of The Inland Empire a few miles outside of Los Angeles Dwight Jae has one of the newest and most compelling sounds out. Dwight is a self-built, and self-taught success story that would be sure to inspire any up and coming artist. With a background in brand development, photography, and apparel design Dwight has made himself a product of the words self-starter and full package industry talent.

The industry has taken notice of his vision, and it is only a matter of time until that vision is on display to impress the world. Join Dwight Jae as he shares his music, unique voice, and sound with the masses.

About his latest single, “Take A Knee,” Dwight says, “With times like these it’s our responsibility to use our voice and speak out and build a common ground for all races to stand on. I am saddened by the number of black lives that continue to be taken due to racial injustices. I stand with my people, black people, and all people supporting the importance of our lives. #BlackLivesMatter.”

“We Took A Knee to express how our lives were not being cherished, the response was a knee to our necks. #RIPGEORGEFLOYD I know things might not change immediately but I wanted to do my part to spread an understanding of how we feel to others that don’t look like us or at least start a conversation. I hope you enjoy the song “ @dwight.jae 

Photo by @elenavelderrain 

Listen to “We Took A Knee” below.


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