DJ T. Lewis ft. Skull-E – Nasty Dealer


DJ T. Lewis has built a name for himself in the DJ world, but he has the ear and connections to facilitate top-tier plays. Starting out in the marching band, he always had a love for music and it grew from there. 

After that, he built momentum and started to learn how to actually DJ and command the crowds he rocked in front of across the country. Seeing the potential early on and with such a great wave of responses, DJ T. Lewis  realized that he could do this for a career. 

Basing a lot of his success on his ability to network and build relationships, now DJ T. Lewis is the official DJ for the legendary Cash Money Hot Boy, Lil Wayne. 

“I went to school with Cortez Bryant at Jackson State University and he was there before I was and he kinda saw me coming up in the city and he would call me to just do different gigs, filling in with Drake for different gigs and the overall goal with to DJ with Wayne and in 2014 Wayne had the Sorry for the Wait club run and from then on Wayne liked me and I’ve been there ever since,” DJ T. Lewis said. 

But the road to this success has not been easy and clean-cut. Seeing how he could differentiate himself from other DJ’s, Lewis pushed himself to become an unofficial A&R. Piecing together records and showing he’s not just a face behind the turntables. 

“The whole objective of me putting this single out is,of getting into production was trying not to sound like anybody else, but to really be able to create my own sound which I feel like we have together,” DJ T. Lewis explained. 

His newest effort, “Nasty Dealer” featuring Skull-E is an electric whirlwind of flavors. Not only does Skull-E float with precision, this one will tear up the strip club. This is all leading up to T’s newest project, Don’t Sleep, slated to drop in mid-October. His focus is bringing quality music to the table, throughout his seasoned tenure in the game.

DJ T. Lewis  is one of those names that if you know, you really know, but he’s never satisfied with his legacy. Pushing himself and these up and comers like Skull-E, we see the difference between vultures and a man who is truly here to push the culture forward. Stream “Nasty Dealer” below.


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