DJ Schemes Might Be Next Great DJ


Brooklyn born and DMV based disk jockey, DJ Schemes, has been a a very successful run the past few years with 93.9WKYS, Shade 45, and work with the Core DJs. From get mixes to even breaking a record with Lil Baby has the DJ on a different level when it comes to being a overall musical maven.

His upbringing in his Jamaican culture and education at West Virginia has Schemes set to be one of the most prolific disk jockeys of modern times. He is a DJ of the people and has a sense of humor that few even dare to match. You can catch him at your favorite events in the DMV or even at his upcoming Dubai trip.

The character of his soul and his vibrant personality is on full display at every event he is at. To put it simply, DJ Schemes is up next and everyone reading this should tune in.

Tap in with him and follow his Instagram at DJSchemes. Below you can check out a few of the artists he is currently working with along with a budding talent of his in production.


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