DJ Drewski & AceMula Drop “Keep It Moving” With Law & Cruch Calhoun


One of TikTok’s rising content superstars and ascending MTV cos-signed pop star Law lends her pristine vocals to one of Sloppy Vinyl’s executives Richard ”ItsRichz” Zeller, celebrity media mogul DJ Drewski and star Jersey producer AceMula’s new single “Keep It Moving” features one of Jersey’s premiere artists Cruch Calhoun.

“When working on records with new artist it’s always about the energy and vibe. N That is exactly what Law and Cruch brought to the session! Nothing but good vibes and u can feel it on the record. Let’s get back to dancing” – DJ Drewski

Calhoun’s gritty lyrics and Law’s immaculate voice mesh perfectly with the Jersey Club style of upbeat production that stems from AceMula and JMC Beats that was mixed effortlessly by Mixed By Kamillion. Money is on the minds of everyone on the single and if it’s not on your mind, then like Law states during the catchy hook, “Keep It Moving!”

“The process of Keep it moving was too organic. From the creation of the beat to laying the song down with everyone involved. Music video on the way!” – AceMula

Law has been not only featured on MTV artists to watch but also in Flaunt Magazine, Fox Sports, Music Choice, Sheen Magazine, ThisIsRNB, Kazi Magazine, Stupid Dope, and many more publications for her empowering, grounding break sound that empowers women worldwide; hence you mantra Ladies Always Win! (LAW).

“I was excited to get to do my first Collab with such heavy hitters and jersey legends! The energy in the studio was unmatched and that truly came in thru the song. I’m honored to be a part of it and put the ladies always win energy into a jersey club record “ – Law

She now adds another trophy to her growing repertoire of outstanding accolades in the most queen-type fashion. Law always wins; if you disagree, please “Keep It Moving” The single is on all DSPs. Also, you can catch Law serving looks along with other models at the Stylists Fashion Show on September 10th, curated by Vinrelo.

A final word about the song from Cruch Calhoun:

“This my first jersey club record, it was fun creating, Never did a bop like this so I’m excited to see where it goes.” – Cruch Calhoun

Listen To “Keep It Moving”:–cruch-calhoun



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