Detroit’s Dee Havior Is Living “Gold Standard” Status (Video)


Following the global buzz of “Free” Detroit rapper Dee Havior returns with visuals to his new single “Gold Standard.”

The record brings light to how people idolize hustlers for taking risks to live a better lifestyle and establish themselves. Dee Havior shares a timeline of his own experiences that ushered him into the artist he is today. The only thing on his brain is his career and aiming for gold standard status.

Part of the hook, “This is gold standard this the paper route how every rebel where I’m from tried to make it out, if you get caught slipping n*ggas take you out” not only resonates but places an emphasis on the realness of the record. A sonic backdrop dripping with keys and drums along with heavy bass envelops Dee Havior’s commanding lyrical performance. Watch “Gold Standard” and connect below.

Connect with Dee Havior

shot & edited by Elev8_photography1


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