Dave B’s ‘Pearl’ Is a Much Needed Solid Body Of Work In Today’s Repetitive World Of Hip Hop


Fresh off of his performance of “Corner Store” with Macklemore on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Dave B gears up to drop his latest opus, Pearl, which will touch down to the masses on November 17th. With infectious elements of Jazz, Hip Hop and Funk, Dave takes us on a musical journey that is so significant in today’s cluttered Hip Hop world of repetitiveness. With meaningful lyrics and music that pushes against the norm with consistency, Dave’s lead single “Sweetest Thing” is just the vertex of what the project has to offer. The single was inspired by his co-producer, Elam Wright’s love with his better half and his Marriage. About the song Dave says, “With Elan getting married at the end of the summer, I was inspired to write about that deep, timeless kind of love. What does it feel like to have a soulmate? That love must be the sweetest thing that you’ve ever known.”

Check out “Sweetest Thing” here.

The creative process of making Pearl with producers Elan Wright, Nima Skeemz and Darius Rios wasn’t a project that came about easy. Dave B points out, “It’s been a long journey making this album. So Elan, Nimon, Darius and I pretty much created the whole project. Then I lost my laptop with everything and we had to start again from scratch. We locked ourselves in the studio and with no time that summer to hit the beach, we created feel good music that took us there. And after all that, the end product is this luminous Pearl… it started off as a grain of sand and transcended into a beautiful, rare gem.”

With stellar stand out tracks like “Again” and “Scrollin” the 8 song album is more than well worth the listen.

Watch The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with Macklemore, Dave B and Travis Thompson and DJ Premier performing “Corner Store” below.

Pearl album links:
Apple Music: Pearl
Spotify: Pearl


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