DaisyJimes – “IDWBIL” (Video)


Buzzworthy indie recording artist DaisyJimes closes out 2020 with a stellar project in HardCandy Vol.1 and the new music video from the latest effort to the new single, “IDWBIL.” The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter links up with talented producer Jake Breh and director Rhythmiciti for a dark, mysterious and hazy visual. Stream it below, and listen to the new single within the new album today via Asparkindarkness.

“IDWBIL” is an impressive experimental dance track that blends a wide variety of popular electronic and R&B elements. It’s the perfect time for newfound fans to get familiar with the rising star who is promised to become one of 2021’s artist-to-watch. The new single and album are a follow-up to DaisyJimes 2020 EP release, RM11.

A must-hear. The first volume is the honest and blunt record of the foreseeable future of my personal life. She explains: “It’s a way of coming to terms, seizing control, and getting my power back when I’m most vulnerable. A documentation of my experience in love and it’s varied elements, whether in pain, fear, romantic love or even lust.”

Take a look at “IDWBIL” below.


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