CT Best Friends – “New”


Today Southern rappers CT Best Friends deliver their single titled, “New.” The single speaks for itself according to CT Best Friends and challenges listeners to find a new way of thinking. 

Composed of rapper Ra and GodCT Best Friends’ single “New” looks to change the way things have been done in the past. 

New speaks for itself. All New everything cuz the old way ain’t working and New things never get old. It reminds us that we have a New start everyday. ” CT Best Friends said about his single “New.” 

CT Best Friends developed their name by being in love as best friends.

“I grew up on Eric B & Rakim. By the time I was nine, I was writing my own rhymes. I released my first mixtape, Thug Poetry, in 2002. I came from a family of musicians. It’s just in my DNA”

“We got started making music on our record company Clicc Tight Records. And the name came from being in love with your best friend, it just made sense,” CT Best Friends explained. “We are CT BestFriends currently residing in Strong, Arkansas. But the earth is our turf and home is where our best friends are at.”

With both sides of their family playing instruments and singing, music has always been in their blood. 

“Our music is timeless. Both sides of my family are multi talented, from playing instruments to singing. From my predecessors to my offspring there is talent there.  I got turned out on Slick Rick and Salt n’ Pepa in middle school, down to the hair cut. With Ra’s encouragement, I jumped on a track with some poetry,” rapper God explained. 

Tapping into multiple generations of Hip-Hop, CT Best Friends deliver what they call a “complex masterpiece.”

“This complex masterpiece is a classic, but you never know what you’re gonna get. Dropping soon, this album gets you excited to hear raw hip hop bars with a millennial flow.   Some fans love the music but reject our age, while most others love us live and in person. They love the music and they love our love! We are rising up in Hip-Hop as the OLDEST AND COLDEST in the game. We are a movement for the OGs who wished they had done this or that when they were younger.”

“Good music doesn’t have an age, it only puts sound to a feel.” Ra said.

“I was 39 years old when I became a lawyer. No one told me I was too old to start a new career or too old to live my best life. And when people find out I practice law, that adds a whole different layer to how they receive us,” God said. 

With plans for a 10 city tour in the works, with stops from Detroit to the Carolinas and Vegas, Ra and God have big plans for their music no matter how old they are and no matter what people say. 

The new single is set to be released via Clicc Tight Records on the upcoming Incognito album.


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