@CSharp714 & @IAmK_Lien Talk Self Investments, New Projects and Keeping It Lit In 2018


It’s hard not to come to the Juice aka Orange County California and not notice the work of the duo of K-Lien, who hails from San Jose aka Shark City and C-Sharp. Their recent release “Yowder” ft. Kevin Parkx is highly visible on digital media platforms. The single is off of Sharp’s Driving Habits 2 as a solo effort. Whether they release music together or as solo artists they both have something to say. Tight punchlines and precise delivery keep them in the upper echelon of emerging artists from Cali. With future projects such as Lien’s Like It Or Love It and Keep It Lit 2 these cats are sure to remain visible and pushing the envelope with tons of new releases. Check out the interview up top from the #NoBrakes4 event presented by So Cal Radio. And check out the visual for “Yowder” below.


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