Comrade Chris Launches Groundbreaking NFT Art Gallery In Partnership With Steve Lobel


Today progressive photographer and cutting edge digital media specialist Comrade Chris of @Akashic_Photos is breaking the mold with a one of a kind art gallery. 

Shedding light on visual artists and curators, Comrade Chris’s new gallery features a variety of amazing work across the Hip-Hop world. In addition the gallery also has a built in recording studio and cannabis dispensary – the first of its kind ever.

“I have been on the forefront of NFT art and I turned that work into a crypto gallery. The gallery which is a collaboration with Steve Lobel and his partners, has combined the first dispensary, Hip-Hop gallery and recording studio in one location – there’s never been anything like it,” Comrade Chris said. 

“Currently I’m working on merchandising art work, doing deals for DMX’s estate, all while being a dad, and executive content managing a boutique. I’m also helping artists get to the next level, so I’m staying busy.”

Asserting that he is one of the best to ever do it when it comes to freelance photography, Comrade Chris spoke about how he has captured some of the biggest moments ever in Hip-Hop. 

“I have managed to capture some of the biggest moments in California Hip-Hop in the last four to five years and that includes unreleased pictures from the only concert that Nipsey Hussle headlined before he died,” Comrade Chris said.

Comrade Chris was bred in Houston but resides in Los Angeles California, and built his empire alone after moving to the West Coast without knowing anyone.

“I’m from Houston Texas but I live in Los Angeles. I came to California and I didn’t know anyone but I had some photography skills and I was able to make a career for myself out here,”  Chris explained. “I want people to respect the shooter. There’s a whole lot more that goes on behind the artwork than just clicking a button”


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