ClassikMussik – “Lady Adoni” (Official Music Video)


Timeless music and the spirit of innovation are to some people things of the past, but not according to the legendary underground songwriter, singer, and producer ClassikMussik.

Known for some of his work with some of the most iconic stars in music & film, (Jamie Foxx, Miley Cyrus, Channing Tatum, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne, Bun B, Ray J, etc ), ClassikMussik has proven that the vow he said he made to “ put some real pressure on my own career as an artist “, is one he would stay committed to. ClassikMussik has been on the billboard top 200, top 20 billboard indie charts, #1 on the US Apple Music charts, #172, and number #29 on the iTunes UK Charts and more.

What can we expect from this album?

“If You Don’t Want To Feel, then this ain’t the album for you “, says ClassikMussik in a recent interview.

His upcoming project is said to be released at one of the most unique times in history, Feb 22nd, 2022 at 2:22 pm.

When asked the significance of his album release date he said, “ my spiritual and mental senses are more lifted and on fire than ever before in my career and my life in general and is a rare treat for most to hold.

Everything I do and every move I make must come from the vehicle of what I feel first. Then well go pick up what I think, and may stop and view what they think on the drive to where I’m headed.“

How many songs are on the album?

“22 songs and then 2 bonus songs“

Why so many 2’s ?

“The number 2 is very important to me, for enlightenment and the spiritual awareness I’ve been speaking on, but especially when u are attaching it to number 1, meaning yourself. I see the number 2 in the relationship with people format, and who u have beside you and around you is very important but your number 2 is detrimental. In this case, you got 2, then 22 which is a double blast of energy for whatever you got from the number 2, more enhanced, bigger, greater, and more fulfilled in aspiration. I mean the album is called Burnt Bridges III: Vibes Don’t Lie. I’m letting you know In the title that my mind is on real vibes heavy, which I refer to myself as the king of vibes lol, But that’s another interview. Many different vibes speaking on bridges that are being Burnt or built for good reasons or because people ain’t shit sometimes. This is the 3rd time that I’ve revisited the fact that these burnt bridges are important and too significant to overlook in my life. I want to look back and see that this trilogy made sense to people and gave them, the thoughts, the Vibes, the process, and the strength to proceed with confidence after making the decision needed to be made when U realize some bridges ain’t leading to nothing good for you, and if those do not tear down then, then you’ll never cross over to where u need to go. That can hard af to do, but it must be done for us all in many things small or large but that battle in the mind that moves the physical you are real.“

Do you consider yourself a hip-hop artist as well now?

“Naw, I’m an artist but maybe not the formal way we just use the word now. Sure I rap I sing, I produce. I engineer, I play instruments. Someone dear to me once said I was one of the world’s greatest hybrid artists and it always stuck with me and reminded me to keep that same energy always, and never let them box u in. I feel like I’m just a walking example of the expression, even when I’m choosing to say nothing at all for the right reasons lol, the choice of giving no energy to something is still a direct and grand expression.“

Any big features or producers you’re collating with on this project?

“I initially did a lot of features and wanted to choose what fits the message. I did 98 songs in total working on this album, just to choose somewhere between 17-24 songs lol. The first feature that is the most important to me is the one o has with my late great mother, Angela James, my angel. I cut some vocals for me I asked her to sing years ago, like 2009 or so. I found those vocals on one of my backed up hard drives and made a new beat around it and man oh man it’s amazing what came out of it, and I’m honored to just be able to say that even after her passing I’m getting blessed that she was even here with me. That means everything to me man, and she killed the shit lol. I have features from the legendary Krayzie Bone, after the Versuz I got even more excited about his feature because that mf just dope and always have been, and I’m honored to have a song with him. I have one with one of the dopest lyricists in the game, King Los. I felt like had I knew I had to come hard with this track because he was def and always do come hard so I had a chance to showcase my skills along with his on a jam and man, it came out dope af to me lol. It’s some extremely talented guys from my hometown that have become my favorite artist to work with there. Honestly, rather they were from there or not, being there made access to them easier thus giving us the chance to collab often, but man my boy Jayson Lyric is a beast, my fam Kemist Da Kidd is a lyrical genius, I got him on a slow jam and he still managed to make me think about what he said lol. My homie Solid world Gregory is a talent you can deny but I advise you not to lol, bro got a style that will always be dope to me. It’s a unique Woman on my album that goes by the name Adoni my encounter with her, forced me to write a song about her, and I really feel like it’s the best song I ever did. She’s also an artist and she’s featured on the album man she’s dope as hell, the song will also be featured on her upcoming project “ Toxic Bae “ that I have the luxury and honor of producing and being directly hands-on with her career alongside her.

I have a feature on the album that goes by the name the Abyss, a guy I met when I and the Late great C. Struggs were shooting a visual for my song, and he introduced me to him. The next time I have seen him he was playing the guitar outside of many stores in the middle of the night or day around Dallas. I used to just wanna give bro stuff that would help with anything, and let him know I see him and I admire what he was doing. Time progressed and we actually got a chance to work and it was dope and monumental. The song we did “ These Scars “ will hit people’s hearts and minds all over the world “.

Producer wise is partnered up with, a very underestimated Dallas producer L Boogie, which in my eyes can take you wherever on them beats and we created a lot of magic man FrFr. We locked in.

I also particularly partnered up with my Scorpio brother, Curtis The creator another producer from my hometown. This dude is crazy talented as well I love that it’s some big talents that are haven’t been discovered but man I wanna let people know lol and it feels even bigger when they believe in me the way he did. We locked in all the way. I got a track from a Hispanic producer that goes by the name, threw on the beat, and the man he is exactly that on the beat lol. We did a crazy one. I got my boy cr8tive LaBiz, from the west coast, whom I met in my time living as an in-house producer for Jamie Foxx. I def did one with one of the world’s dopest and unknown producers that I signed years back Nicholas Hatcher, we got records for days tho lol, that’s family.

I have one with my blood brother that goes by the name Flacko XL, and the man he on they heads when it comes to the beats, and he learning rapidly and I’m proud to see it.

And last but not least my guy Bruce Banner, who passed away before I could get this album done, he the one who produced my jam with Krayzie Bone. He died in the process of making this album and it hurt me, man, big time because I couldn’t wait to show him that I appreciated his loyalty over the years of ups and down with this music industry and my career. So I’m honored to be able to still push his dream forward with my own, RIH to Bruce man.

The rest of the tracks were produced by me.

I went back to what I knew from when I started in the game, and I felt like I did when I started and it was very liberating and time travel like feeling to get back to something that got u in places most live and die and never experienced. I’ll never not make beats again, I’ll never take a break from that ever again, I see now this whole time I needed it.

So I can’t wait for y’all to hear the album and I hope it makes people go listen to the others before it as well.

Burnt Bridges III: Vibes Don’t Lie is officially on its way.

Take a look at the new music video for “Lady Adoni” below.


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