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Born and raised in Jamaica, Queens, West Victor Gordon, professionally known as Chicken Wing, is becoming a movement in comedy to be reckoned with. This natural born comedian/ motivational speaker has made his rounds throughout the chitlin’ circuit and now he is ready for the big time.

Chicken Wing caught his a big break by doing his first stand up gig at the Boston Comedy Club in the Village of NYC. “The comedian, TALENT, gave me this opportunity and I am thankful. I did an excellent job”, recalls Chicken Wing.

As word got around that Chicken Wing was going to be the next best thing in comedy, he then started to become the opening act for the likes of TALENT, Mike Epps, Tracey Morgan and Dave Chappelle. It comes as no surprise that he was once given the “New Comic Award” during an annual Black Comedy Awards.

As Chicken Wing’s career started to take off, he had some major decisions to make. “I was torn between the streets and the pursuit of my dreams. Eventually, I had to take a seat and I sat behind bars for ten years as a result of my decisions”. Upon his release from being incarcerated, Chicken Wing reunited with Mike Epps who immediately booked him as an opening act at Madison Square Garden and other large arenas. “I had plenty of time to work on new material, so I blew them away with laughter”, states Chicken Wing. “However, I had responsibilities. So between taking care of my family and holding down a job, the pursuit of my dreams was slightly slowed down, but not forgotten”.

To date, Chicken Wing works for the City of New York. In doing so, he has used his talent coupled with the experience of being incarcerated, in order to teach students that you can turn your life around. Chicken Wing has delivered funny, yet inspirational speeches to students locally at Grace Dodge High School, Lincoln High School, Boys & Girls H.S.,Westinghouse H.S., and more.

On his own name, Chicken Wings performs annually at Caroline’s Comedy Club in Times Square in New York City and he has taken to social media to showcase his talents as the funny one as well.

In addition to his comedy, Chicken Wing has become an advocate for the handicapped. “I made a music video called The “Return of Lil Hand Man”, states Chicken Wing. “This video captures my day to day living and the experiences I’ve had over the years. This video is motivation to other disabled youth and adults that nothing should stop you from living your life.” 

Believing that you should live your life to the full until it over flows, it comes as no surprise that Chicken Wing was once a contestant in 2015 on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” alongside host, Cedric The Entertainer. “I ain’t gone lie. I brought home that bag”.

In addition to promoting his music video, Chicken Wing is also the co-host of the hit podcast, “2 Queens from Queens” starring Carmen Bryant (the mother to Nas’s first child) and Shaniqua Thompkins (the mother to 50 Cent’s oldest son). “I bring the comedy to their show”, states Chicken Wing. This show is a weekly hour and a half podcast that focuses on current events, industry news, community topics, Q&A sessions, and interviews with special guests.

When asked where he sees himself five years from now, Chicken Wing states, “I see myself among my other peers of prominence. I had a setback, but I am definitely coming back. I see myself doing more stand up comedy and appearing in major block buster movies. I also see myself establishing and running my very own foundation, “Just Wing It” where I focus on uplifting and motivating the handicapped and the disabled”.

To keep up with Chicken Wing, he can be found on ALL social media platforms at: The Chicken Wing Show.

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