@CandidoBousquet -“Wake Up” (Prod. @JUSAMELODY)


“Wake Up” is a socially conscious rap that pays homage to the boom bap days of Hip Hop with a little new age sound. Although it holds rather simple and clean vocabulary, the melodic chorus and overall tone of the song is rather deep. The chorus, “Wake up in the morning say I’ll be okay, throw my hands up live to fight another day,” is meant to breed positivity in a world that continuously spawns and encourages negativity. Although these aren’t the easiest of times, we should still find ways to enjoy ourselves, chase our dreams, and fight for what we believe in. Bars from Candido showcase this sentiment as he spews, “let’s keep it positive and spread the love drug.” Ultimately, no matter what circumstances we’re faced with, it’s on us to make a change for the upwardly mobile movement of ourselves. Dido’s intro verse speaks to that philosophy as he states, “Ever since Martin King I knew I had a dream” which is meant to express that very thought of resilience to overcome any obstacle. At the end of the day, “Wake Up” is a track for all walks of life and all ages alike. Something that is indeed very rare in today’s age of pure Hip Hop. Hats off to Candido Bousquet for going against the grain and winning with this one

Check out Candido’s full project The First Element on SoundCloud HERE.


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