Buzzing Music Artist Yung Anoma1y Heats Up The Charts


If you still haven’t heard of Yung Anoma1y you may be living on Mars. This amazing solo artist has been creating incredible music since 2019, and has been making quite a name all around New York. With an ever-growing fanbase, Yung Anoma1y is definitely the artist you should be listening to at the moment. Shining at the forefront of the music scene, Yung Anoma1y embarked on an innovative music career in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since.

From an early age, Yung Anoma1y always knew that music was life’s calling, and set out on a mission to become a respected artist. Today, the name Yung Anoma1y is synonymous with awesome live performances and mind-blowing recordings. He is making a major impact on radio and beyond with his current hit single entitled “Hard To Fall Asleep.”

Get to know the artist on a deeper level. Check out the latest news, videos and tour dates to learn more about this up and coming musician. Get in touch today.

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