Bully Wiz ft. Benji – “Summertime”


Bully Wiz follows breakout single “Mob Ties” with a quick hit in the new release, titled “Summertime.” Joined by fellow new star Benji this time around, the rising star keeps that same energy with a catchy wordplay track laced with a unique bass-thumping sound. A seasonal track, Bully Wiz closes out the year with arguably his most exciting track yet. Stream it now via Breakthrough Records.

A 2021 artist-to-watch, Wiz and Benji’s chemistry on the track is electrifying, generating popularity for the two to produce future tracks or a collaborative project. Hailing from San Francisco, Bully Wiz is a first generation son of immigrants from El Salvador, and certainly made a name for himself by being the face of BACKPACK BOYZ. Like “Mob Ties,” “Summertime” builds on a new stride of popularity that Bully Wiz has accrued with a newfound audience and sets up anticipation for his forthcoming full-length debut, expected in 2022.

With such a high fan base that is continuing to grow daily, we never know what tricks Bully has up his sleeve. One thing is for sure, he has all types of surprises in store for his fans. To stay tuned, follow the new artist daily on social media.

You may listen to the new single below.


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